Dental Crowns in Pearland, TX

Dental Crowns

A dental crown is a small cap that is placed over a tooth. You can cover cracks, chips, or other dental issues. This small cap carefully fits on top of the damaged tooth.

Due to the ability to cover dental issues and provide reinforcement to the tooth, getting a dental crown is both a cosmetic and restorative treatment. In addition to covering signs of tooth decay or tooth damage, you can protect your teeth. When the structure of the tooth begins to weaken from decay, it requires protection. The tooth weakens, increasing the risk of infection and the spread of gum disease.

The crown is made to resemble the existing teeth. They will match the color, shape, and texture of the surrounding teeth. The result is that your dental crown will look completely natural. It will go unnoticed without careful inspection.

Dental crowns are always custom-made to not only match the look of your existing teeth but to fit your mouth perfectly. Though, before the crown can be made, the dentist needs to create an impression.