Images of a bridge and an implant-supported bridge

What’s the Difference Between Dental Implants & Bridges?

If you are missing teeth and researched tooth replacement options, then you’ve probably come across the names “dental implants” and “dental bridges.” But you may be wondering what’s the difference between dental implants and dental bridges, unless you know someone who has received one of these services. Well, those are the exact kinds of dental-related questions we’re here to help with. So let’s take a look at these restorative options.

Dental Implants

The dental implant process involves implanting, or inserting, a replacement tooth into your mouth. The actual dental implant part is surgically placed into your gums and jawbone, just like how the roots of each of your teeth are held securely within your gums and bone. After the area heals, we put a restoration on top of the implant. This restoration resembles the size, shape, and color of a normal tooth.

Many patients have turned to dental implants in recent years because it looks and feels natural in the sense that the implant fits and functions closer to the way a natural tooth does than other tooth-replacement options. To qualify for dental implant treatment, you need to have good oral health and enough jawbone structure that the insertion and osseointegration of the dental implant will be successful.

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are called what they are because they bridge the empty space left by a missing tooth. A traditional dental bridge is a row made up of dental crowns. The dental crowns secure the bridge in place by attaching on top of the teeth you still have on either side of a gap and an artificial tooth fills in said gap.

Dental bridges are generally more affordable than dental implants. There’s been evidence of this kind of tooth-replacement technique for literal centuries so you know it’s a time-tested method. A dental bridge can also be supported by dental implants to make it more secure or if you are missing multiple teeth.

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